GlobeTech Innovation is a Czech, privately-held company with an exciting story to tell. We are keen to share it with You just as we look forward to meeting You and hearing Your story.

In 2014, we have been established by three individuals from Czech Republic and United States of America with more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the “business of Innovation” and a shared dream of helping inventors take their dreams to market. Time and again, we have noticed the gap between invention and market. With our experience and expertise in a variety of business and technical domains close to advanced Technologies, research & development management, project management, business development, and intellectual property commercialization, we are uniquely positioned to bridge that gap and bring today’s life-saving, planet-saving, time-saving, or just plain convenient Technologies to the people that will use and benefit from them.

We have seen it many times around the globe: Technology and Innovation, especially the one arising from close collaboration between academic or research institutions and commercial companies, being one of the few critical forces driving the economic prosperity of whole institutions, regions, and countries as well as individuals. Unfortunately, we have also seen individuals, institutions, regions, and countries fail to realize this economic prosperity - not because they lack the Technology and Innovation - but because they lack the ability to commercialize it. That’s where we come in; we provide the experience and skills necessary to use Technology and Innovation to achieve this economic prosperity.

However, that’s not all we do because that’s not all Technology and Innovation is. In our eyes, Technology and Innovation is not just a tool for economic prosperity - it’s much more than that. Inventing is an inevitable part of human nature, and using its results for the benefit of people is a hallmark of a responsible society and a cornerstone of its values, culture, competitiveness and overall well-being.

Moreover, Innovation doesn’t recognize borders. And, because we live in this hyperconnected and globalized world of the 21st century, the financial, geographical, capacity, experience, and other factors that inhibited its free-flowing nature have been minimized. Access to global markets and businesses has never been greater. Yet many Technologies and Innovations never make it there.

This is where it comes to us and where we come to You. We provide a range of international business development, market intelligence and research services to design, develop and transform research & development results and early stage and pre-mature Technologies into true Innovation in the form of concrete products or services with clear commercial exploitation value and a clear commercialization route. We enable You - research institutions, inventors, startups and other innovators - to benefit from the results of Your work.

GlobeTech Innovation s.r.o. has been established in Prague, in the heart of Europe. In 2016 we went through organisational change and became 100% Czech owned company. We have experience and contacts around the world. So, wherever Your Innovation story begins, we can help write the next chapters.