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Advanced Materials - the marriage of engineering, biology, chemistry and physics know-how - stand in our focus due to their critical role in the evolution of materials science and multidisciplinary cross-industrial applications from energy and storage, through transportation to healthcare, environment, and agriculture.

We focus on both the new advanced materials themselves (e.g., polymers, composites or metals) as well as their new innovative applications (e.g., new graphene, lithium or silver applications) in a wide range of areas and disciplines like bio- and nanotechnologies research.

Nanotechnology, in particular, is a very diverse, multidisciplinary cross-cutting concept. In general terms, nanotechnology concerns controlling matter on the nanoscale and covers a wide range of R&D applications from novel approaches for the development of new materials to structures with specifically designed, unique properties. We see it as the key enabling technology being used to realize smaller, quicker, more powerful, or more “intelligent” intermediates and systems components for products with significantly improved or even completely new functions.

The valuation of the nanotechnologies market and their impact is constantly studied and analyzed. According to some of the past estimates, the nanotechnology-impacted products market was worth approximately 254 Billion USD in 2009 and is forecasted to grow to 2.5 Trillion USD in 2015, especially through development and commercialization of new industrial applications in the transportation, energy and healthcare industries.

"The global market for nanotechnology based manufactured goods will be worth US$ 1.6 Trillion in 2013, representing a forecasted CAGR of around 50% for the upcoming years."
RNCOS Industry Research Solutions, "Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2013", Jan, 2011