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GlobeTech Innovation focuses on the transformation of high-potential, early-adoption stage and emerging technologies into viable business outcomes with global reach and impact.

Through collaboration with world-class universities, R&D institutions, scientists, and commercial companies, we aim to promote, foster and drive innovation as a major source of sustainable economic prosperity, competitiveness and overall wealth of society.

To us, innovation is about both development of technologies and the commercialization process - about continually seeking new applications of technologies and opening a wide range of new possibilities in markets, production, licensing, and further development. That’s what the "Innovation" in our name stands for.

With direct presences in the United States (a traditional innovation-driven economy) and the Czech Republic (a high-ranking "up-and-coming" innovation economy) and contacts around the world, we use our approach to innovation to give local ideas a global presence and to enhance innovation as a driver of social and economic prosperity.

With this focus on both social and economic prosperity, we specialize in the following key technology categories:

Biotechnology & Chemistry
Advanced Materials and Technologies
Green Energy