Emerging and Growth Market Economies - including applied R&D actors, academic institutions and innovators - are investing in Technology to build a knowledge-based foundation for the future. However, despite the clearly high value of their prospective advanced Technologies (especially in biomedical, healthcare, nano and “green” energy Technologies), these economies and economic actors are frequently unable to realize the full potential of their Innovations - to capitalize on their inventions and to see their Technologies benefit individuals and societies. This unfortunate disconnect between the value of Techologies and their effects is because inventors and their organizations are often unfamiliar or lacking experience and capabilities with intellectual property evaluation, protection, management, and commercialization. This is especially pronounced in today’s global market where such tasks are even more complicated. Inventors are also facing insufficient sustainable and long-term funding, resulting in a decreased ability to compete and develop further their world-class R&D and Technology Innovations and realize their Innovation leadership capabilities. 

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