GlobeTech Innovation can assist You - technology Innovators, Universities, start-ups, and spin-offs - in the “business of Innovation.” You can benefit directly from our capabilities, know-how and experience, especially in:

  • Business Organization - working with You to determine the best business organization outlet for your Innovation.
  • Business Planning - working with You to create business plans for banks, partners, and investors.
  • Business Strategy - working with You to set the strategy for realizing the full potential of Your Innovation.
  • Product Development - helping You develop Your products and services.
  • Investment Preparedness - helping You get ready for investment and expansion.
  • Fundraising - identifying and assisting in raising investment from public and private investors, including banks and business partners.

We also provide commercialization consultancy for early adoption stage, developing or pre-mature Technologies and Innovations. Here, we provide:

  • Commercialization Strategy Development.
  • Incubator Management and Development.
  • Research Audits.
  • Investment Fund Management.
  • Utilizing EU Funding to Support Commercialization.
  • Training.