GlobeTech Innovation is a full-service Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization expert in:

  • Intellectual Property & Technology advisory and licensing services, i.e.:
    • Technology consulting,
    • IP landscape analysis,
    • IP and Technology inventory assessment,
    • commercial evaluation of patents.
  • Commercializing various forms of intellectual property:
    • patents,
    • copyrights,
    • trademarks,
    • know-how.
  • Building on extensive international experience in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa & the US, and
  • Achieving multiple forms of commercialization:
    • delivering products directly to the marketplace,
    • licensing,
    • forming effective partnerships, spin-offs and joint programs,
    • strategically combining these approaches to best suit Your needs.

Our goal is to enable You to realize Your desire to build and develop high-tech, knowledge-based industries and provide You a meaningful commercial outlet for Your Technological Innovations.