Researchers’ and Innovators’ primary expertise and focus is on researching, developing and innovating. We, GlobeTech Innovation, do the rest.
We provide services necessary for planning, design, and execution of the overall R&D and innovation strategy, helping You to minimize the uncertainty and base the key decisions on independent market data. GlobeTech Innovation:

  • Gathers relevant information for applicable markets:
    • size,
    • technology needs,
    • technology adoption patterns.
  • Assesses program capabilities relative to the market opportunities:
    • team capabilities,
    • talent growth opportunities,
    • facilities, 
    • infrastructure.
  • Factors in institutional priorities:
    • investment magnitude required,
    • program importance,
    • patience level,
    • tolerance for change.
  • Recommends an investment and implementation strategy:
    • market-directed relevance of the program,
    • change parameters and timing,
    • metrics and milestones to monitor change and ensure transition to a market relevant program,
    • ongoing market and technical guidance for the research.