Are You new to the Technology industry and wondering how Your Innovation positions You to compete in the global marketplace? Or, are You already in the tech field but possibly under-utilizing your IP?
We offer a wide range of services to help You evaluate Your Innovations and commercialize state-of-the-art Technologies in the market:

  • Overview surveys.
  • Commercialization assessments.
  • Investment profile recommendations.
  • Management team consulting. 
  • Operating structure reviews.

Furthermore, when the right Technologies are identified for commercialization, an understanding of the patent landscape risk is needed. Our typical approach includes:

  • A survey of the patent landscape.
  • An analysis of the relevant patent holders.
  • A risk assessment relevant to the commercialization plan.
  • Development of specific mitigation plans to address those risks.
  • Consultation with leaders, strategists and planners for the Technology commercialization at each step.

We can also help You with negotiating strategies, licence agreements, prior Art searches, and alternate approaches to further increase Your IP leverage.

Get started with an Initial Assessment to identify:

  • Technology and patent strengths.
  • An initial view of the target markets.
  • An initial view of competitive posturing.
  • Recommendations for business models to pursue and next steps.

Through an IP and Technology Inventory Assessment, we can help You to create:

  • Your IP inventory.
  • Commercialization assessments for the discovered IP.
  • A deep understanding of the IP holdings and complementary strategies for commercialization.

Very often, these assessments require minimal incremental investment and provide high return.